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Clovis Chronicles ep. 1 – Can You understand why my Sailboat is my Second Mother?

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I’m Riccardo Fracchia, 28 years old, and since I was very young I have planned to sail around the world and have always, or at least since I remember, had a great passion for sailing, sailboats and well, all boats.

Clovis GDV

It is a trip that will test those of us aboard and the boat itself, and we must be prepared and eager to face the discovery of the unknown. Writers, artists, and biologists that follow us throughout the journey will become travelers on a voyage in which they can also participate in the ups and downs, living aboard with us but in total safety. We will collaborate with nautical equipment companies who will supply us with the most modern and reliable equipment available. With state of the art equipment, we will always be able to report to our companies and consumers in any condition, as well as communicate with journalists who can help us spread the idea far and wide that this journey is the greatest form of culture.

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